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“PCB” Tool Battle Heats Up

by Kevin Morris

There’s no question that the IC side of the EDA world gets most of the attention. After all, quad-patterning, EUV-having, boundary-pushing, 5-nm lithography issues are certainly bright shiny objects to grab the attention of tech-nerds. But the vast majority of us are doing more pedestrian stuff - designing board-based systems for a wide variety of applications across a huge number of end markets. What about our tools? Not glamorous enough for ya?  Read More

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April 25, 2017

EMA Introduces E-Learning and OrCAD Certification To Improve and Validate OrCAD User Proficiency

April 21, 2017

Kisters enhances 3DViewStation with advanced 3D CAD model analysis functions

April 20, 2017

Synopsys Enhances ARC Data Fusion Subsystem with New Audio and High-Performance Sensor Support for Always-On IoT Applications

Mentor Graphics Expands Formal Verification’s Reach with New Cross-Platform GUI and Apps for Sequential Logic Equivalence Checking and CDC Gate-Level Analysis

April 13, 2017

Silicon Creations Selects Mentor Graphics Software for High-Performance Analog and Mixed-Signal IP Verification

April 12, 2017

Cadence Launches the Pegasus Verification System, a Massively Parallel Physical Signoff Solution

Mentor Announces Availability of Qualified Reference Flow to Help Designers Achieve Success with Samsung 14LPP Process Technology

April 11, 2017

IEEE 1800.2™ for UVM Approved as an IEEE Standard

Solido Launches Machine Learning (ML) Characterization Suite

April 10, 2017

Solido Launches ML Labs

April 06, 2017

Pasternack Releases New Line of IQ Mixers with RF and LO Frequency Bands Ranging from 4 GHz to 38 GHz

April 05, 2017

Mentor Graphics Nucleus SafetyCert RTOS extends support to ARM Cortex-M4 processors for safety-critical systems

Cadence Unveils Expanded Virtuoso Advanced-Node Platform for 7nm Processes

April 04, 2017

New Mentor DRS360 Platform Enables Level 5 Autonomous Driving via Centralized Raw Data Fusion and Direct Real-Time Sensing

Cadence Voltus IC Power Integrity Solution Enables Juniper Networks to Achieve First-Pass Silicon Success for its Largest Networking SoC

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Magnitudes of Mystery

Digital Systems that Nobody Designs

by Kevin Morris

Maximizing Memory Performance

Performance-IP’s Memory Request Optimizer Pushes Your Design Forward

by Amelia Dalton

Two Cores When One Won’t Do

Synopsys Announces Dual-Core Module for ASIL-D

by Bryon Moyer

Driving Miss Data

Mentor’s DRS360 - First of a New Breed

by Kevin Morris

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Meet You in Brussels?

posted by Dick Selwood

the imec Technology Forum is in Brussels in May (20-Apr)

An Opening for MEMS PDKs

posted by Bryon Moyer

Coventor’s new MEMS+ 6.0 release enables efforts to start developing PDKs for popular kinds of MEMS sensors. (22-Oct)

We are doomed

posted by Dick Selwood

Forecasts for semiconductor sales are depressing (25-Sep)

Bashing Bugs on SoCs

posted by Dick Selwood

UltraSoC launches white paper (23-Sep)

Designing Irregular Light

posted by Bryon Moyer

Synopsys’s latest LightTools release makes it easier to create complex illumination. (15-Sep)

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Self-Driving Cars: Unofficial Views

Posted on 04/25/17 at 3:54 AM by leftygoldblatt

It's difficult to really identify where the customer pull for this technology comes from?

I will not want a self driving car until every employee at google/whoever is sending their children to school across town every morning in them.
At least when t…

Self-Driving Cars: Unofficial Views

Posted on 04/24/17 at 11:06 PM by TotallyLost

I would like to propose that any executive team that wants to ship/sell/use self driving cars on public roads, should be willing to submit to a self driving darwin test, where a public sourced gauntlet of worst case tests are constructed for that specific…

Self-Driving Cars: Unofficial Views

Posted on 04/24/17 at 6:22 PM by TotallyLost

Like most really bad public policy failures, this topic will certainly come down to "follow the money". Most of the strong advocates, also have annual pay checks plus stock/performance incentives highly dependent on approval that are near, or more than, a…

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