Software Cat and Mouse

IP, Ownership, and Cyber Piracy Today

by Amelia Dalton

So you’ve built yourself some lovely software. You've shined and polished the corners, field tested it, and even gotten the approval of the VCs on high. But what if, the whole time, there was a tiny hole in your code? And because of that tiny hole, the bad guys were able to waltz right in and are now using your software all willy-nilly-like without paying. Well folks, this is happening a lot more than we know. Or, maybe we do know about it but we just don’t want to talk about it. This week we’re pulling back the curtain on software piracy, IP thievery, and unlicensed software usage with Ted Miracco from SmartFlow Compliance Solutions. Ted and I discuss where the biggest piracy threats are coming from these days and how companies big and small can protect themselves from those sneaky, scurvy-ridden cyber pirates.  Read More

Industry News

September 30, 2016

World's First Frequency Selectable RF Power Sensor Introduced by Anritsu Company

Real Intent Chief Technology Officer to Present Tutorial on the “Paradigm Shift in Verification Methodology” at FMCAD Next Week

September 29, 2016

World's First Frequency Selectable RF Power Sensor Introduced by Anritsu Company

Renesas Electronics Introduces Low-Power RL78/G11 Microcontrollers to Accelerate Prototyping and Development for Compact Sensor Hub Applications in Industrial, Healthcare and Agricultural Industries

Maximize Productivity for Industry 4.0 Applications with Maxim's Pocket IO PLC Development Platform

Imperas Software Development Tools at ARM TechCon 2016

STMicroelectronics Extends Automotive ECU Miniaturization by Shrinking in Half Grade-0 Analog ICs

Texas Instruments' CC1350 Microcontroller, Now at Mouser, Offers BLE and Sub-1GHz Connectivity

September 28, 2016

Fifth-Generation CEVA Imaging & Vision Technology Simplifies Delivery of Powerful Deep Learning Solutions on Low-Power Embedded Devices

STMicroelectronics Enhances Access Lines of STM32F4 High-Performance Microcontroller Series, including New 125°C Devices

TT Electronics set to revolutionise the soldier wearables market with its auto‑aligning and self‑coupling textile-mounting garment connector

SiTime Transforms $1.5B Telecom and Networking Timing Market with High-Precision MEMS Oscillators

100MHz to 40GHz RMS Power Detector Offers 1dB Accuracy & 35dB Dynamic Range

Xilinx Extends its Cost-Optimized Portfolio Targeting a Wide Range of Applications Including Embedded Vision and Industrial IoT

STMicroelectronics Reveals High-Efficiency Wireless Battery-Charging Chipset for Smaller, Simpler, Sealed Wearables

September 27, 2016

Imagination licenses UltraSoC IP to deliver system-level debug and optimization capabilities for SoCs

Adesto Introduces EcoXiP™: the Ultimate Memory Solution for Intelligent IoT Devices

Spin Transfer Technologies Develops 20nm Magnetic Tunnel Junction MRAM Technology at On-site R&D Fab

Ericsson raises the bar with high-current 780W power interface module for ATCA applications

Cadence Announces General Availability of Tensilica Xtensa LX7 Processor Architecture, Increasing Floating-Point Scalability to 2 to 64 FLOPS/Cycle

ON Semiconductor Introduces Next Generation Fan Motor Drivers to Simplify and Accelerate Appliance Design

Imperas Expands University Partners Program

Faster, Easier Simplicity Studio Software from Silicon Labs Sets the Pace in Wireless IoT Design

Ampleon launch ultra compact two-stage Doherty amplifier for 4.5 G / LTE Advanced Pro applications

Renesas Electronics Europe Launches EtherCAT® Dedicated Communication SoC for Remote I/O Slave Applications in Industrial Automation

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Move Over, Connected Toaster; Here Comes the Connected Climbing Wall

When Does an Embedded System Become Part of the IoT?

by Dick Selwood

Programmability for the People

Xilinx Kicks Up Cost-Optimized Offering

by Kevin Morris

Qualcomm Discovers Its Long Tail

…and Other News from Applied Micro and Your TV Maker

by Jim Turley

Abstracting Register Sequences

Write Once, Use Many

by Bryon Moyer

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Intel’s First FPGAs

Posted on 09/30/16 at 4:19 PM by KarlS51

tails wrote "The back-end in this case would still be the custom place-and-route tools provided by the vendor. So I'm all in favour of open-sourcing the tools - but the right part should be exposed, at least initially. "

I agree because the existing to…

Xilinx vs Intel

Posted on 09/28/16 at 12:53 AM by rcousins

Hey Kevin, I was kind of surprised you didn't throw Xilinx's SDSoC into the conversation - not that it's some kind of magic wand/potion, but I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on the tool as it pertains to the C/C++ --> HDL 'dream'... I seem to vague…

Abstracting Register Sequences

Posted on 09/26/16 at 11:34 AM by bmoyer

What do you think of Agnisys's approach to register sequence specification?

Intel’s First FPGAs

Posted on 09/24/16 at 12:23 PM by KarlS51

It is about time to quit building things from such tiny pieces such as wiring segments and single FFs as that requires too much P&R.

CPUs have been using microcode for generations and many features and bug fixes have been done just with new microcode.

Intel’s First FPGAs

Posted on 09/21/16 at 12:45 AM by TotallyLost

HLL to gates at the 95% level is much easier than one might guess ... although there are parts of some HLL's that do not map well (dynamic allocation in C++ and JAVA, arbitrary pointers in C, etc). I spent a few years at that problem with FpgaC, and made …

Xilinx vs Intel

Posted on 09/20/16 at 4:22 PM by KarlS51

"nothing would be better than a tool suite that could take a legacy C/C++ software application and magically create an optimized, accelerated version that executed on a conventional processor paired with FPGA fabric. Such a tool does not exist, however, n…

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Xilinx, Inc.

September 29, 2016
  A new 40-page Xilinx app note, XAPP1282 titled “UltraScale FPGA Post-Configuration Access of Parallel NOR Flash Memory using STARTUPE3” tells you how to use one parallel NOR Flash memory to store FPGA configuration, update configuration images, and…

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Samtec, Inc.

September 29, 2016
“Cable assemblies!” What usually enters someone’s head when they hear that phrase? Ethernet patch cable assemblies? Standard video cables assemblies like HDMI, DVI, miniDP or even VGA that link a laptop or tablet to an LCD Projector or w…

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EE Journal Marketing Insider

September 29, 2016
Imagine the thousands of people that just happen to be in your target market group anxiously anticipating your email. They take one look at your fabulous subject line and instantly subscribe to your email list so that you can continue to market t…

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September 28, 2016
The way we consume media has changed dramatically over the past decade, with social media and content sharing platforms allowing users to get closer to new ideas and technologies without relying on traditional textbooks and lectures.  YouTube has pro…

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EE Journal Editors' Blog

September 14, 2016
With the growth of the IoT there is increased interest in the overlapping areas of safety and security. There is already a lot of knowledge on these issues and this has been shared by the IET's International System Safety and Cyber Security Conference. Th…

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chalk talks

How to "Shift Left" for Agile Hardware Design

Want to apply agile development techniques to hardware design? In this episode of Chalk Talk, Amelia Dalton chats with Jack Erickson of MathWorks about “Shifting Left” and “Agile” as applied to your hardware engineering process.

Targeting SDR Design to Hardware

Software defined radio (SDR) design is a complex dance of hardware and software. In this episode of Chalk Talk, Amelia Dalton chats with Noam Levine from MathWorks about how to simplify the implementation of SDR in hardware.

Six Hidden Costs of Wireless SoC Design

Modules offer an attractive alternative to wireless SoCs in many situations. In this episode of Chalk Talk, AD chats with Joe Tillison from Silicon Labs about six hidden costs of doing a wireless SoC design.

Introducing Kinetis Motor Suite

Do you want to design in a motor without having to become an expert in motor control? In this episode of Chalk Talk, Amelia Dalton chats with Phillip Drake of NXP about simplifying motor control with Kinetis. It'll have your motor spinning in no time.

Addressing the Challenges of Serial Link Design and Analysis

High-speed serial interfaces present some of the biggest challenges in board design today. Getting signal integrity right on your board with speeds into the gigabits can be tricky at best. In this episode of Chalk Talk, Amelia Dalton chats with Brad Griffin of Cadence Design Systems about using Cadence's Sigrity analysis tool to nail your next serial interface design.

One Time Programmable OmniClock Generators

Are you tired of dealing with too many clocks in your design? This episode of Chalk Talk can help. Amelia Dalton chats with Eduardo De Reza from ON Semiconductor about OmniClock, which can help you to tame that wild pack of clocks once and for all.

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